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Black Duck On BurlapFrom LifeOil on Canvas14''x 18''Sold -Duck Hunting Duck Hunting, decoys and a little fishing, Sporting Art runs the gamut for depicting outdoor adventures. - Sporting Art
Black Duck On Burlap
From Life
Oil on Canvas
14''x 18''

After viewing a several Still Lifes done by artist Ken Carlson, I was inspired to have a go at caputuring the rich fleeting color and nostalgic appeal of a day's hunt.

The Black Duck is the ultimate in fowl for the East Coast. This bird is highly regarded for it's warriness, making a dificult quarry for hunters. Another reason for the fondness of the Black, is that for the most part of the Twentieth Century it was the only duck with significant numbers in the marshes. That's why many hunters to this day say "All you need is half dozen black decoys to hunt". Ask any hunter of the salt marsh, and if he's over 60, according to him there is no other duck. In recent years the Black duck has declined significantly to the point that a hunter may take one per day and only during designated seasons.

The Black Duck to me is very special and this painting is a tribute and I hope that the viewer comes away with a truer apprieciation for this animal, in both living and harvested states.

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